Audio Engineer Josh Robinson is the talent behind JSR Audio, who have provided audio recording services across Belfast, for some of Northern Ireland’s best new artists, since 2008.

With a background in Modern Metal and Pop Rock, Josh works with clients to help them realise their creative vision, and produce quality tracks they can be proud of.

Using his own experience as both an audio engineer and recording artist, Josh aims to develop a close working relationship with artists to make the process enjoyable, and ensure the finished product showcases them at their best.

Dream Awake recorded a single with JSR Audio and the effort and attention to detail in the song from producer Josh Robinson made us sound as good as we possibly could. Working with him helps you find your sound, and go one step better.

~Conor Kelly, Dream Awake

Working with josh has been...... how do I say this.... EPIC!!! That's how an album gets recorded, stress free and most of all, whilst having fun! A true Djentleman, his skills are lightyears beyond his time and we will definitely be back!

~Thomas Marshall, Donum Dei

When we first stepped in to the studio with Josh we didn't know what to expect. Josh was very patient with us and answered everything we asked and made us feel welcomed. As for his work, it stands alone. We couldn't have been happier with how our music turned out and Josh captures every aspect of it perfectly.

~Patrick Scanlon, Heel of Achilles